New Venture Fund: Using Philanthropy to Shape a More Just, Equitable and Sustainable Future


In 2006, NVF envisioned a new way to invest in social change leaders and their capacity to do the important work the world needs done today. At the end of 2019, it manages a charitable portfolio of more than $356 million across nine regions around the globe and has launched more than 500 projects and counting. We recently commissioned a five-year look-back that chronicles NVF’s evolving model and growth trajectory to get good ideas to market faster by building bridges between donors and those with the ideas and commitment to make lasting change. This report shares information on NVF’s model, backers, financial growth, issues, and geographies.


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About the New Venture Fund


The New Venture Fund (NVF) works to achieve a healthier, more equitable world. Our work spans a range of issue areas to realize social and environmental change. We collaborate with individuals and institutions to provide fiscal sponsorship and project hosting support that enable them to reach their philanthropic goals. 


Our innovative projects span diverse issues, including global health, conservation, public policy, disaster recovery, education, and the arts. Our team finds efficient and often creative solutions to address the problems we are solving, and we partner with our donors through each stage of the project’s lifecycle to ensure that we are meeting joint goals. Our donors rely on our expert ability to manage the complex challenges that come with new and innovative projects, freeing them to focus on the ideas and programmatic insights at the heart of their charitable mission. 


We have also managed many projects that bring multiple donors together to work in partnership toward a common goal. We work closely with our donors to establish the collaborative’s infrastructure and to coordinate project activities.

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